How Vaping is Impacting the Economic Growth in Canada

In the shifting landscape of Canada’s economy, the vaping industry has emerged as a noteworthy contributor to economic growth. With Canada’s progressive stance on vaping and the government’s regulatory framework aimed at promoting safe usage, the industry has witnessed substantial growth. Amidst this boom, innovative flavors have become a driving force; enthusiasts crave the unique experiences offered by e-juice like this.
This growth can be attributed to several economic factors including job creation, tax revenue …

The Future of the Indigenous Economy

Canada’s Indigenous economy is currently estimated to be approximately $32 billion, but its growth is outperforming the total national economy. Moreover, the number of Indigenous youth can reach 1 million in the year 2027 and is increasing at four times the national average.
For indisputable reasons like reconciliation and justice and for others purely based in the economics, it is already a given for Canada to fortify and sustain the Indigenous economy. Economic empowerment of the Indigenous communities, their businesses, and their entrepreneurs is not only the correct thing to do, but it’s in all for the economic best interest…

The Future of Energy

Canada has a lot of energy resource options that most countries can get envy of – from fossil fuels to nuclear energy through uranium and to the renewable energy methods. However, as the demand for more power increases, environmental situations got worse, and other unknown threats got more plenty, then certain important choices have to be made.
With the constant evolution of technology, this series aims to understand the influential forces of Canada’s future. It will tackle the implications created by the methods of producing, transporting, and consuming energy and observe the opportunities lying ahead in the future of Canada’…

Spotlight on Energy Tech

The energy sector of Canada has been recognized globally with its production of energy resources and the implementation and development of technology for improving efficiency and reduction of environmental impacts. This is particularly important around the home, where home experts say energy technology is on the rise. The energy brand is internationally renowned and the export opportunities are solid.
The question will be how to make the most out of the knowledge, experience, and innovation of the energy sector in order to move forward towards a global economy of low-carbon and high-energy in the near future. The Spotlight …

Spotlight on Cannabis and the Bioeconomy

Canada made the first steps towards the advancement of all other developed countries by legalizing cannabis for people using the it for medical and recreational purposes. We have been seeking for opportunities for more innovation on research and more development on production. Furthermore, we have also been building Canadian cannabis companies that can be global leaders.
The Spotlight aims to answer questions regarding how certain institutions like the government, the private sector, the researchers, and other valuable stakeholders align themselves to the aforementioned ‘advancing’ mission and what opportunities are waiting when…

Spotlight on Future Cities

Like all other countries, progressive or still progressing, Canada’s urbanization is growing at an accelerated pace. The cities are becoming larger in size and so are the challenges being faced and the quality of life being attained.
The Spotlight aims to explain the major challenges the growing cities of Canada are facing in terms of mobility, design, civic action, housing, climate change, and more. It also aims to provide the needed approach in order to make the design for future cities as liveable, inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous as possible.
Key Points
The design and construction of cities in Canada are …

The Future of Mining

As a mining nation, Canada’s mining industry has provided the resources for a wide variety of important and essential applications and economic activities that include the required components for the manufacturing of digital-tech devices and the renewable energy necessary to power them. The industry also greatly impacts employment, infrastructure, and other economic opportunities in every region of Canada, especially the remote areas in the North.
This series, which is supported by the Natural Resources Canada’s Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan, provides interviews various experts from the mining sector, from the outlying …

Spotlight on Mining

The mining industry of Canada has been engaging with plenty of communities spanning from both coasts of the country. The industry is more significantly present on remote regions in the North and on communities of the indigenous. It requires a great amount of workforce from both the aforementioned communities and in large urban areas.
As the industry faces the challenges of labour shortage and the continuous growth of technology-reliance, it must adapt and thoroughly refine the approach through making adjustments on how to add variety, provide training, and promote improvement on its workforce.
The mining industry must also …