Spotlight on the Entrepreneurship Journey

As different ideas are being developed into businesses, the success stories behind those Canadian entrepreneurs responsible are also beginning to increase. These entrepreneurs may not be native to the country. They can come from other countries, with different statuses in life and various backgrounds.
The learning and experiences they gained as their companies moved forward here in Canada will be of great value for the next generation of Canadian entrepreneurs who will be making their own paths and overcome the challenges on their journey.
The Spotlight aims to explore the reasons and methods of four certain Canadian …

The Future of Entrepreneurship

As of now, the lifeblood of Canada’s economy and possibly its future are the entrepreneurs and their SMEs. The start-ups of the present are the Canadian multinationals’ flagship of the future.
The challenge now is what will be the best series of actions to promote education, provide support, and give encouragement to Canadian entrepreneurs, without any biases against age, gender, or experience, to innovate and uplift the companies that will bring Canada’s economy to the forefront in the future.
This series, which is supported by the Canadian Business Growth Fund, illustrates the leaders of different sectors of the …