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As different ideas are being developed into businesses, the success stories behind those Canadian entrepreneurs responsible are also beginning to increase. These entrepreneurs may not be native to the country. They can come from other countries, with different statuses in life and various backgrounds.

The learning and experiences they gained as their companies moved forward here in Canada will be of great value for the next generation of Canadian entrepreneurs who will be making their own paths and overcome the challenges on their journey.

The Spotlight aims to explore the reasons and methods of four certain Canadian entrepreneurs for embarking on their own journey and also highlights the wise pieces of advice they have for their fellow juniors and rookies in this path.

Key Points

The digital economy of Canada is growing fast compared to other industries like forestry, mining, and oil and gas. So that the country can keep the digital economy stronger, its federal government must provide the tech industry and the entrepreneurs with the same financial incentives like tax breaks, deferrals, and others that it provides to the sector of natural resources.

An entrepreneur must possess that strong desire to create something fresh and scale it. With that drive, now is the best time to start building on your idea.

The leadership and talent management skills of an entrepreneur are vital to the sustainability and success of the business. Newly recruits must have the same outlook to the vision of the company and work ethic and also contribute using the crucial skills they already have.

Support is much needed by Canadian entrepreneurs in terms of scaling up. We have to be better with helping companies undergo every stage, whether through the services by Regional Innovation Centers, strong angel networks, abundant funding, or university assistance.

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