Welcome to Excellent Future.

Canada has been a progressive economy but in the near future, it can change significantly. How the country faces tomorrow and how it will position its elements and inhabitants in the year 2030 or for the years and decades to come will be of great importance. Time can pass by so fast and changes will be occurring from a global aspect – like in environment and technology – to the local aspect – like the demographics and state security. How these things will affect any citizen living in Canada can be so transformative for the next generations to come.


The mission of our project is to provide high-quality critical thinking and analytic experience to individuals who are interested in discovering the future of Canada, to improve awareness of enduring trends, to offer help in improving the ability to cope up with change, and to supervise the creation or emulation of the desired future.


We value the intellectual consistency along with integrity, impartiality to any political views, the generosity of ideas, respect, and positive thinking.


We believe in creating or managing change though being prepared, making plans and having provisions. Change can have many consequences in different forms since nothing is certain. Exploring the uncertainties and how to strategize the effects can be the first step towards managing changes in the long run.

A Shared Responsibility

We all have a shared responsibility to be responsive to the changes that are happening. It will be up to our own knowledge, abilities, and disposition to make Canada a great nation for the generations of the future. What we will be planting is what we will be harvesting.