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As a mining nation, Canada’s mining industry has provided the resources for a wide variety of important and essential applications and economic activities that include the required components for the manufacturing of digital-tech devices and the renewable energy necessary to power them. The industry also greatly impacts employment, infrastructure, and other economic opportunities in every region of Canada, especially the remote areas in the North.

This series, which is supported by the Natural Resources Canada’s Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan, provides interviews various experts from the mining sector, from the outlying industries that are seeking in disrupting and improving the current practices, from communities being affected, from the government that seeks in setting the policies best in supporting the sustainable growth, and from other important stakeholders.

The mining industry will be an essential sector in the long term. Therefore, Canada must give every effort it can to attain the highest and most respected position in the global mining scene. This series aims to define the image of Canada as a world leader in the mining industry in the near future.

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