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Like all other countries, progressive or still progressing, Canada’s urbanization is growing at an accelerated pace. The cities are becoming larger in size and so are the challenges being faced and the quality of life being attained.

The Spotlight aims to explain the major challenges the growing cities of Canada are facing in terms of mobility, design, civic action, housing, climate change, and more. It also aims to provide the needed approach in order to make the design for future cities as liveable, inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous as possible.

Key Points

The design and construction of cities in Canada are the determining factors for the country’s equity and economic vitality. Not only the government has to do the work, but also all sectors must be involved in seeking innovative and assuring solutions in moulding the cities that are supposed to be liveable.

For the next 50 years, if smart cities have to exist, then Canada needs to set its vision to starting the process and map out the plans. The vision has to align all sectors and industries of the country around a unified approach towards smart city building.

The government of Canada and the taxpayers have an important role to play in building a world-class non-private mobility infrastructure.

Canadian cities have to be more independent in creating designs and formulating policies and programs to be implemented that ideally fit the priority needs in relation to the major issues, like housing, climate change, infrastructure and more, instead of being reliant from the provincial governments to do the heavy decision-making.

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