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Canada’s Indigenous economy is currently estimated to be approximately $32 billion, but its growth is outperforming the total national economy. Moreover, the number of Indigenous youth can reach 1 million in the year 2027 and is increasing at four times the national average.

For indisputable reasons like reconciliation and justice and for others purely based in the economics, it is already a given for Canada to fortify and sustain the Indigenous economy. Economic empowerment of the Indigenous communities, their businesses, and their entrepreneurs is not only the correct thing to do, but it’s in all for the economic best interest of Canada.

Thus series, which is supported by the Indigenomics Institute, delivers the voices and outlooks of the Indigenous leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and other important stakeholders, including also the non-Indigenous ones.

It also highlights the priorities to be set and the roles of Canadian governments, corporations of Canada, various investors, even academic institutions, and the Indigenous actors themselves must partake in order to become a stable and dependable Indigenous economy of Canada.

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