How Vaping is Impacting the Economic Growth in Canada

In the shifting landscape of Canada’s economy, the vaping industry has emerged as a noteworthy contributor to economic growth. With Canada’s progressive stance on vaping and the government’s regulatory framework aimed at promoting safe usage, the industry has witnessed substantial growth. Amidst this boom, innovative flavors have become a driving force; enthusiasts crave the unique experiences offered by e-juice like this.
This growth can be attributed to several economic factors including job creation, tax revenue …

The Canadian Economy and the Development of Cannabis Businesses

Marijuana producers and distributors are also preparing their business ideas. The federal government is refining legislation to make marijuana legal in Canada. CBD gummies cultivators from all over the country have lined up to apply for a license. They needed to ensure that products like CBD cream in Canada were prepared to meet the expected demand. They will do so as soon as the government permits them to sell.
What Do Economists Have to Say?
What impact would legalizing marijuana have on …

Where to Source Financing for Your Startup

Are you looking for financing for your startup? Well, it can be quite confusing where to source financing especially when you are new in the business. Thankfully, there are many sources out there that you can consider including payday loans, your own savings, and other investors among others.
That being said, here are some financing sources to consider.
Before looking for external funding, it is good to first look within. What can you as the founders bring to the table to get the business off the ground? Personal savings can be a …