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There are cases of people dying from a severe lung disease which is linked to the use of onine products like vapes. In Indiana, there are 8 people who suffer from this respiratory illness. Worldwide, 9 people died and more than 400 suffer from this disease. The health risks and dangers of smoking electronic cigarettes and vaping are due to the inhalation of aerosol from heating different liquids.

Because of the seriousness of this situation, the CDC or Center for Disease Control and Prevention has decided to increase its operational support and respond to the evolving challenges of the outbreak through the Emergency Operations Center. One recent study suggested that exposure to chemicals or oils found in vapes is the culprit. Nevertheless, the CDC doesn’t exactly identify yet the root cause of this outbreak.


Unfortunately, the number of vape users, especially among young people, has continuously increased. From 2017 to 2018, there was over a million increase among middle and high school students who use vapes. The federal government did a survey in 2018 and discovered that 21% of high school seniors vaped in the past month. In 2017, it was only 11%. One possible reason for this is the flavor and attractive packaging of vaping products. As a result, teens don’t realize the real dangers of vaping.

Because these teenagers are exposed to vapes at such a young age, they also try to smoke cigarettes. 1 out of 13 young Americans alive today may die early due to a respiratory illness from smoking if the rate of young people smoking doesn’t improve. The statistics are indeed alarming, so actions must be taken before it gets too late.

Awareness Initiatives

Agencies who put the effort into understanding and fighting this health public health danger deserve to be applauded. The government has a plan of banning flavored vapes to make smoking less enticing for teenagers. Furthermore, Jerome Adams, the surgeon general of the United States, announced that vaping or smoking cannabis is harmful to pregnant women and the baby in their womb.

There are also lawmakers who actively and aggressively call for stricter regulations of the electronic cigarette industry. They included how vapes and cigarettes are marketed toward young people. The CDC suggested that doctors inquire to patients about e-cigarette use if they suspect the patient to have an unidentifiable respiratory illness.

Although e-cigarettes pose lesser health risks than cigarettes and a way of making smokers quit the bad habit, there are more and more people who vape. Thus, it has become addictive for many users. The e-cigarette industry does not seem alarmed by this. Manufacturers try to attract more customers including teenagers. The development of the brain, memory, and negative learning may stem from early exposure to marijuana and nicotine. These conditions can become worse later in life.

The healthcare industry, educators, parents, and lawmakers should continuously work together to raise awareness of using vapes and lessen the use of nicotine. It will be much better if the laws about this become stricter especially with children.

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