Smart Links 02 May 2012

Commentary on investment research, shaky Asia, education intergenerational mobility, France’s citizen king, and the decline of Canada's Parliament.

Morgan Stanley’s OVERWEIGHT on Lehman Brothers 60 days before it went bankrupt.

Pdf below -- Lehman Brothers Bruised Not Broken

Why the economic crisis that started in the housing market in the United States, is passing through Europe, will end up in Asia.

The Eclectia Fund
We see the global economy as grotesquely distorted by the presence of fixed exchange rates …


Soltas – Could India Implode?
Slowdown now, and the specter of financial crisis.

Children who have a higher level of education than their parents.

Education: OECD Intergenerational Mobility

Electing the king.

New Yorker -- Vive la France
The Presidency of France’s Fifth Republic is a monarchical role, shaped to the elongated scale and the grand manners first of Charles de Gaulle and then of François Mitterrand.

Quote worth noting.

“The former I.M.F. chief’s continuing fall brings to mind Michel Houellebecq’s gloomy, obsessive novel of more than a decade ago, “The Elementary Particles,” with its insistence that the neo-liberal model of material acquisitiveness would lead in the end only to nihilistic sexual compulsion.”

Let’s just pass one big bill.

National Post -- Bill C-38 shows us how far Parliament has fallen
You know, this is the sort of thing people used to make quite a bit of a fuss over.


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